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Internet Services

In addition to our all inclusive small and medium business website packages, our other services include web design, web development, web hosting, email hosting, domain registration and e-newsletter management.

Web design

Web design services include:

  • static pages
    Containing text, internal (within your site) and external links, photographs and other images
  • online forms
    Allowing visitors to submit information via email
  • dynamic pages
    Containing similar elements as static pages, however generated on-the-fly allowing visitor interaction
    (For example: guestbook, visitor created link directory, etc)
  • payment gateway
    Securely accept payments online using PayPal
  • easy to use CMS (Content Management System)
    Allowing you to edit the content of your site directly in the pages and preview in real time using familiar formatting tools

Web development

Our knowledge and experience in PHP and MySQL enables us to develop custom web solutions targetted specifically to your needs. From shopping carts to content management systems we are able to tailor a solution to your business requirements.

Web hosting

Do you already have a website and just need some where to host it? We can help with that! Our web hosting starts from $5 per 1GB of bandwidth (or part thereof) per month, and is charged in advance in 12 month blocks.

Hosting includes:

  • hosting of files
  • hosting of domain email addresses (first 3 are free, please refer below)
  • email redirections
  • monthly usage/visitor statistics

Email hosting

Having your own domain name means you can also have your own email addresses at that domain. Included in our webhosting package we can host up to three email addresses for free, and additional email addresses can be hosted for $2 per month with the following features:

  • 200 MB of storage space
  • easy to use webmail access so you can check your email on the go
  • access to your email using your favourite email client (for example Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, Android)

We are also able to customise an email package to suit your needs, so please contact us now to discuss a solution.

Domain registration

Take the hassle out of domain registration and let us register and maintain your domains for you! The following registration prices are correct as at 9 August 2016:

(Top Level Domain)
Price per
annum* ($AUD)

(Top Level Domain)

Price per
annum ($AUD) 30.00   .com 30.00 30.00   .net 30.00 25.00   .org 25.00

These aren't the only domains we can help with.  Other domain extensions, such as .biz .store .online and .xyz are available. Just contact us for a quote if the top level domain you require is not listed above.

* Please note, .au domains have a minimum 2 year registration.

e-Newsletter management

Manage an online list of subscribers and send email newsletters to your subscriber base. Our e-newsletter management system supports the following features:

  • import and export of subscribers
  • HTML formatted newsletters including plain text version for maximum email client support
  • controlled sending of emails to prevent spam blocking
  • subscribe and unsubscribe links for user self-management
  • auto-management of bounce backs to maintain integrity of your contact list

Please contact us with details of your project for a quote on available web design services.